Heather (sleeping_riot) wrote in teamkillnftards,

color bar thingy.... wOOt!

I just joined today, I love Red vs. Blue. My fav. characters are Caboose and Tucker. I got bored and made a color bar thing. The only problem is that I don't know how to get the little code thing posted. So if you want to us it, I'll try and get to you in some way or another. ^_^ if you want I can email it to you. Well there it is!... I know not all the characters are on it. They wouldn't fit!

Red vs. Blue is love!

Later for now!
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haha! thats an awesome banner! I would love it if I could use it for the community in the user info! ^_^ email ish sharpiedconverse@hotmail.com Welcome to TeamKillnFTards. I hope you have fun! YAY!

caboose=my favorite character too! lol
YAY! It makes me feel special!

It's more beautiful then I ever imagined! ^_^