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I like our no fools discrimination policy, it means we're progressive!

Just posting. Yea found this community. I just think it's ironic (slightly coincidental) that I found this place after watching the new Season 3 Dvd. Any ideas/speculations on what they're doing for Season 4? And for the record, my favorite character is Tex. Followed by Sarge.

And yes, you got another rookie.
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i'm new too. so far, nobody has said a word to the rookies. they must have all gone through the teleporter or something. i'm sure they'll be back. let's just guard the flag or something until then.

i dunno WHAT the hell they plan for season 4, but by this point, i'd expect damn near anything.
Sure, we'll guard the teleporter. Wonder if anyone will come out on the other end all black-ish?

Off topic, one of my favorite quotes thus far has been Sarge's "I've got a boner for murder!"

oy, cracks me up every time.
It looks like the Covenant will be involved, that's going to be fun. I'm waiting to see how alien they keep them.

I'm also waiting to see if Red and Blue will stay friends, or if they'll go back to fighting each other. I kind of liked them having a common enemy.