Queen of Cheats and Codes (superriddledone) wrote in teamkillnftards,
Queen of Cheats and Codes

so halo 2 is hella fun. well at least to me, i think the graffics are awesome. And its totally kick ass that we get to now use the energy sword (for evers and a day my friends and i just called it a plasma sword, or the elite sword. lol) I went to a halo 2 party and we played for 9 1/2 hours straight. The funnest shit ever. Although i haven't gotten the chance to play the ACTUAL game tho, which kinda sux. The halo 2 party was at my boyfriends house so there were two tv's being taken up by guys hogging the controlers and the whole game. lol. But thats alright...i just play it today. ^_^
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